Katie B’s quick 3 day grocery lunch prep list

I run around all day training clients at their homes, going to yoga studios, getting my own workouts in, etc. I notice a significant difference when I actually meal prep my food that week or not. If I get a Rubio’s fast food taco versus packing my own fresh salad with grilled local farm-raised chicken, my energy level is vastly higher.

I stay satiated longer, and I don’t crave more. Not to mention the longevity benefits.

I hate meal prepping and cooking. I feel like it’s a waste of time when so many others are good at it. Yet, I know that it’s critical. I prep at least 2 meals of the three per day. When I travel and can’t, I use a meal prep service to deliver to my house Mondays. But when I’m home, I promise myself two hours at the beginning of the week to prep salads, pull chicken, prep tuna, prep hard boiled eggs, etc.

Start small.

If you’re new to it, here’s my personal quick 3-day grocery lunch prep list:

  • bag of pre-cut washed romaine lettuce
  • all natural no sugar dressing
  • parmesan crumbled cheese
  • pre-cut bell peppers (fajita mix in the salad section of whole foods)
  • pre-cut “slaw” with broccoli, cabbage, and carrots shredded (in salad section whole foods)
  • 12 farm raised eggs (hard boil them 10 min on medium and cool them in the fridge)
  • chicken from the farmers market
  • yellow mustard
  • all natural mayo
  • all natural local guac
  • parmesan crisp chips
  • optional tuna can





  • Layout 8 Tupperware containers.
  • Divide out lettuce and veggies and cheese into salads (no dressing or protein yet)
  • Divide out for protein: Two pulled chicken with some buffalo sauce (optional) in them, two hard boiled eggs mashed into egg salad, and one tuna – then add necessary dressings
  • Each day I grab one salad and put a dab of dressing in the corner, and 1-2 proteins. I use one protein Tupperware as a snack, and one as a topper for my salad for lunch. That’s at least 5 solid meals that are easy, cheap, and effective.
  • I also grab a Kind Bar (5g of sugar or less) for optional hangry moments, also have some hard boiled eggs, or even just the dry mix of my protein powders below in a shaker cup when I crave sweets or feel tired

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