b_inspired Personal Training

  • Training that comes to you, or option outdoor in local park
  • Equipment such as stability balls, free weights, TRX, pilates rings, gliders, blocks, body weight work
  • Training encompasses yoga, strength training, flexibility, endurance training, nutrition counseling, mind/spirit techniques

*Want to add 1-2 friends? Just add $10 per person to the prices listed above.

1-2x a month: $130 a session

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1-2x a week: $99 a session

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1-2x a week: $1999 for 20 pack

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3-5x a week: $75 a session

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3-5x a week: $1499 for a 20 pack

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Katie B has changed my life in more ways than one. Inside and outside. She has strengthened my body and my soul. Her trainings are life tools you will want to carry on throughout your life.” 

Christina P.

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