Are you willing to ask for it?

You can’t give what you don’t have

Ever been so depleted you literally can’t take your friends’ call? Can’t do simple chores? Like a zombie walking through your own life….. When I reach depletion, it’s because I haven’t been paying attention to filling up my “well.”

Now imagine the days when you’re flying high, no one can tear you down, no traffic/nasty emails/catty relationships.  What are you doing differently those days? (*If you can’t figure it out, I advise writing a quick daily journal)

I’ve noticed I:

  • put my own physical fitness on the back burner
  •  watch more TV then read books,
  • spend less time just talking to my partner/friends and more time in my screens.

I just have to take the first step and commit to myself to do the things I know make me feel abundant. When I connect with my partner/friends on a deep level I can connect with others as well. When I spend an hour a day working out for myself, I can coach others to bring their most confident self forward. When I read and self-study, I feel proud to share what I keep learning.

What are you re-committing to this week to make you feel whole? Where are their holes you can fill so you can, in turn, have the energy to help others?

Ask for what you need

Ask for What You Need

The first step is being OK with asking for what you need, without expecting an immediate answer. If you’re newer to “asking” I like to start with setting my intention every day with a mantra.

“I feel physically strong.”
“I can do anything”
“The world is my playground”
“Everyone wants the same things” 

Then, identify the spaces in yourself that you’re “lacking” and ask for what you need.

“Universe, help me gain strength.”
“Help me find courage”
“Guide me to the right course”  

Feel ok with not knowing the answer outright, and just wait for the world to reveal the signs along the way.

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