Get OUT of Long Term

What if your purpose was not some grandiose life goal?


Often times when we goal set or ponder our “purpose” it can feel overwhelming. “Why are we here?” It can feel really big.

My question this week to myself has instead been, “what’s my purpose for being in this moment?” I like the definition of dharma or purpose as, the light we touch to be connected to God. 

So as yourself right now, what’s my purpose for being in this moment? Why was I placed here? How can I find more integrity and connection right now? Purpose falls into place.

My Dharma

Do what feels right this year. Not the ten-year plan.

I know it’s part of my dharma (my purpose) to jump-start your system. I work on things in myself, help you discover your power inside of yourself, and that’s my ripple. I give you tools to be the best you that I’ve figured out.

Self-discovery +
beautiful destination +
adventures with new people +
new neuropathways +
healthy, delicious food +
likeminded soul searchers +
workshops on self-growth =
my self-love retreats      

This is the new way to travel. Everything included and planned, you just let go and let your best self come through.  This is our year to transform together.

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