How to Trust the World

How to Trust the World

Can you let the world surprise you?

I’ve outlined the three ways I sometimes let fear lead my life instead of trusting what I know is true.

#1 There Isn’t Enough

I would say once every three days I find myself operating from a space of fear instead of love. My head can sound like, “there isn’t enough ____ in this world for everyone. ” Insert your fear. Not enough real love, wealth, meaningful relationships, healthy bodies, time…. you name it.

When I spiral down the “not enough” track, I take a deep breath and remember that my heart, in just this past hour has beat over 4,800 times without me asking it to. If my amazing body can do that, without me necessarily controlling it or telling it to do it, then there are other forces at work here.

Life happens for us, not to us. Even if we don’t see the results right now.

#2 Poverty Consciousness vs Abundance Consciousness

There are days when the bills feel steep when you feel bloated from overeating to when you get 3x the bad news as the good, the list goes on. It’s easy to operate from a space of poverty consciousness. How can I ever afford this? Why don’t I see the results of eating healthy? When will I get a break?

Operating from a state of abundance consciousness means taking tiny risks. Send trust out in your path. Put the deposit down on a Belize trip to snorkel and make payments. Buy one size smaller in a shirt for an event 2 months away.

Take tiny risks on yourself so you set the trajectory immediately. Tell the world what you want clearly, and make small choices every day that get you there. Operate from the space of abundance and watch it flow through you.

#3 What’s Going Right?

It’s in my east coast Italian Jersey nature to make sarcastic comments at someone else’s expense just in normal small talk. It’s taken at least my 12  years in San Diego to soften, but it’s not completely gone.

I notice in my low days, fear drives me to focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right. My challenge to you this week, notice the hours you move from fear and judge others. Every time you find yourself doing that, find at least 3 things that are going right with the situation to counter it. You can always start with “my heart decided to beat today.” It’s a good day.

The more you do this, you’ll notice your habits change. Your thoughts form your habits form your character.

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