Three actions that changed my life

Three actions that changed my life

I embody those I admire

Have you ever heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” It’s a phrase that changed the trajectory of my life.

I thought about the things in my life I wanted to attract. Physical strength and vitality, compassion, motivation, and inner strength.  At the time, I didn’t feel I had those qualities. Let me tell you how I found them…..

#1 Chameleon Effect

You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with (thanks, Jim Rohn.) At the time, the 5 people I spent the most time with lacked a lot of the qualities I was hoping to embody (physical strength & vitality, motivation, compassion, and inner strength.)

I started with one new friend. At the time, it was a very fit yoga teacher I admired, I asked her to coffee, stalked her classes, and eventually befriended and we became running buddies. Haley taught me the power of human athleticism like I had never known. I started to mimic her ways.

I viewed her as successful, and therefore, why re-create the wheel? I mimicked her in my own style and saw my physical vitality and motivation grow.

#2 New People & Experiences

In order to find inner strength, I sought out people that had different life experiences than I did. Through my Lululemon family, I was asked to host an event to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and my life was forever changed.

I was in my head particularly deep that week feeling lost and uninspired. I led the opening kids stretches for the “fun run.” Watching these children run with their new prosthetic legs/arms or new wheelchairs changed my life.

I became addicted to surrounding myself with inspiring people who rose above circumstance to find joy and inner strength.

Anytime I feel low or down, I go volunteer and get out of myself and into someone else. (Worst case, youtube videos of these athletes. It’ll change your world.)

#3 Five Minutes a Day Rule

I realized that if I took 30 minutes a day doing something that betters me, over the course of five years that equals a 4-year college education. Essentially that means in your commute to work every day, you could get a degree in anything you want.

I became more mindful about the messaging I was listening to. I turned off the news and turned on new audio books. I listened to inspiring people who had qualities I wanted to embody. I learned grace and compassion from my dear friend Laura Plumb both traveling with her to India and hearing her speak in podcasts. 

Years later, I continually lead trips to India to teach at the Int’l Yoga Festival and make appearances on podcasts, too 😉 I am living proof that just implementing 5 minutes a day of something positive can truly change the trajectory of your life.

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