Travel Hacks and Workouts

Get out of your troubles

– This email is full of fun travel tips and hacks while I’m away leading my retreaters in Costa Rica!

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One of my friends asked me yesterday if I was sick of traveling already. This question took me by surprise because in my world, traveling is my grounding. It’s what gets me out of my small-minded troubles (when I get narcissistic and worrisome about petty issues) and traveling brings me back to what’s important. The flavor of life. I am so grateful to have this space to guide so many to come back to their hearts. If international travel isn’t on the agenda, take a day trip somewhere that you normally don’t go. Domestic travel can be just as eye-opening.

Travel Hack #1

If you’re checking a bag, tell the airline there’s something fragile in your bag. The sticker immediately sends your bag to the front of the carousel when it comes time to pick it up.

Travel Hack #2

If you’re checking a bag, ALWAYS pack a “back up” outfit or essentials in your carry on. Also, print out a ticket or itinerary of what you’re directly doing the next day on your trip. In the event of a lost bag, if you can prove you’ve spent money to do something that you won’t have the clothes for, the airline will give you money to buy new clothes/merchandise for your trip!

Travel Hack #3

If you’re like me, you lie to yourself about post traveling meal prep. I use Michaela’s meals so that I know that week I get back I’m right back on track with my nutrition.  Use “katieb” to get the same discount I do.

Travel Hack #4

Write out your “workout schedule” beforehand. It can simply be promising you go for a walk for 20 minutes that day, or you can pre-plan a 30-60 min free yoga class on my youtube/facebook accounts. You’re less likely to skip a workout if you have a loosely planned “schedule for you.” Just that short 30 min can do so much for your mental clarity (especially if you’re traveling to see family.) Here are four vinyasa and sculpting yoga classes for you to enjoy:

#b_inspired mantraMy lightness is brighter than the darkness

Description: We will balance the first energy center. Muladhara – We’ll work to open your feet and hands, the foundation. Learn crow pose and play with chin stand variations.

#b_inspired mantra: I celebrate the small things

Description: Balance the third energy center. Manipura – We’ll work to open and strengthen your torso, back, abdominals, aid in digestion. We’ll peak into side crow and hurdler variations

#b_inspired Mantra: I Celebrate The Sweet Small Things 

Description: 50 minutes to work on the intricacies of your inner thigh strength for eight limb pose prep. We will open and strengthen inner thighs as an access point to balance the second chakra. This class relieves low back pain.

High Energy Flow: Full Body Workout​​

​60 min yoga sculpt class. ​
Recommended you have a set of dumbbells. 15 min of warm up and cool down, 40 min of a good sweat with weighted work.​

Travel Hack #6

Especially if your trip is a wedding/family event, you’ll want to take 5 min at least every morning to ground. I use the 10% happier app for guided meditations. I start my mornings in bed or even in the bathroom just visualizing how I want to show up that day. That way, you start your day on your terms.

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